Demon Diary Review

Demon Diary by Kara is a comedy manhwa that revolves around the new demon king Raenef and his loyal underling Eclipse. The problem is that the current inheritor of the title of demon king (Raenef) is just a ditzy blonde with no common sense.

demon diary review
You will reign in terror whether you want to or not! (by the way, this is read from left to right)

The manhwa is hilarious and complete at 7 volumes.

Raenef – he is the typical well-intentioned airhead character. Despite appearances, he actually does have a lot of power.

Eclipse – a doting parent who is trying to raise the demon lord to be a dangerous and feared ruler. He has his work cut out for him.

Minor characters – there are various minor characters that make memorable appearances but for the sake of not having spoilers I will just say that they are pretty fun, too.

Story – the story is a lot of fun and it’s pretty fast-paced. Mostly it involves Eclipse’s efforts to educate and protect Raenef. Near the end of the manhwa, things turn a little bit serious but everything is resolved in a very satisfying manner.

I recommend this manga if you are looking for a completely finished series with a funny fantasy story. The characters are likeable. The art is not very good, too.

I particularly like this manhwa because it is very heartwarming. Somehow the story is lovely but never goes over the edge into sappiness.

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