Penguin Revolution Manga Review

Penguin Revolution by Sakura Tsukuba is a manga about following your dreams. The main character, Yukari Fujimaru, is a high school student who gets abandoned by her parents. Since she has nowhere to go, she plans to sleep at the local park… but thankfully one of her close friends, her classmate Ryou Katsuragi offers her a job. Ryou is an actor and he wants Yukari to be his manager.

For Yukari, this is the prefect job because she has a special ability. To her, people with star quality have wings. Big, beautiful, colorful, shining wings!

At first she thought Ryou had enormous wings but it turns out he just has some small cute ones, indicating that his acting and dancing abilities are not quite there yet but he has great potential to be a big star in the future.

penguin revolution review
Sidenote: the penguin imagery is about being a bird that cannot fly

Now, I am not going to spoiler all of the details, instead in this Penguin Revolution review I will tell what I thought of the manga.


The art is pretty good. It’s the best but it fits the narrative well. The characters are well-designed. Not much to say here … the art is very normal for mangas, nothing is out of the ordinary.


penguin revolution review
Penguin Revolution’s main character

The characters are all lovable! It’s pretty amazing how, as I read this manga, I found myself rooting for all of them equally. Well, except for that one guy that played dirty and the rival talent agency… but they are very minor characters. Out of the whole main cast and important minor characters, I love 100 percent of them.

I think that the characters all have realistic motivations and their feelings are quite understandable. When they interact with each other its very nice, this is one of the very few mangas I have read where there are almost no mean characters.

It’s quite surprising that there are not the usual stock manga characters like the “tsundere” type which is in practically all of the mangas out there. In Penguin Revolution there is not that type of super weird character with “loud” reactions. There are just normal people who have appropriate reactions to things.


Hmm, the thing is, if I were to describe the plot it would sound pretty boring, IMO. The genius of this manga is that it makes even ordinary things extraordinarily interesting. Oh the sweet alchemy of the perfectly paced plot!

Penguin Revolution basically revolves around the struggles of Ryou and Yukari as they work together to land more and better acting roles for Ryou. It chronicles their triumphs and failures as they work hard to achieve their dreams.

Penguin Revolution Manga Review

Penguin Revolution is a manga with lovable characters, an interesting story, and a rushed but still satisfying ending. I recommend it for those who enjoy reading shoujo manga.

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