Songs of Earth and Power by Greg Bear Review

Songs of Earth and Power by Greg Bear by Greg Bear is a fantasy duology comprised of The Infinity Concerto and its sequel, The Serpent Mage.

Songs of Earth and Power by Greg Bear Review

Greg Bear Songs of Earth and PowerI was not expecting to be bored by these two books but, sadly, I was super, super bored. The concept behind the series is very interesting: many years ago a composer debuted his most mysterious work, the Concerto Opus 45: “Infinity.” Everything seemed to be going fine but a strange thing happened after the performance. People started disappearing and they only thing they all had in common was that they had all been at the concert. Even more weird, a composer sued because, according to him, after he listened to the concerto, he became unable to compose music.

As the first novel starts, a young man who wants to become a poet strikes up a friendship with the composer of the Infinity Concerto. Through a series of events he finds himself in a the Sidhe world.

The books are not necessarily bad, the story and worldbuilding are topnotch. I did especially love the musical parts. The characters are not that fun but they aren’t bad either. The problem I had with the duology was the slow, slow pacing. Things just take forever to happen!

Perhaps its my fault. I was really expecting that the Sidhe realm would be very exciting to read but instead its all doom and gloom for the humans. The narrative in the modern day world is fine although boring because it’s mostly just ordinary stuff but once things move on the Sidhe stuff, I would have appreciated more color.

Too bad for me, all I got was boring stuff about running around with a stick for exercise and putting together a wooden puzzle house. It was just too slow-moving and devoid of action for me to enjoy.

Postaday: I’ve Become My Parents

Do you ever find yourself doing something your parents used to do when you were a kid, despite the fact you hated it back then?

I now find myself becoming my parents by giving some kids the exact same advice they gave me. Like, yesterday we were talking about what degree to take in college/university and I actually said “just get a degree, the rest will work itself out,” exactly like my parents.


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