image Choku! Manga Review

Choku! is a hilarious manga about a perverted girl in love with a shota.

Choku! Manga Review

Choku! is a new comedy manga about a perverted girl and her cute, younger boyfriend. It starts off when the male main character (MC), Nao, is playing a game in a toilet cubicle. Suddenly, a girl peers down on him from the above, it seems she has been pooping in the other cubicle and (bizarrely) wanted to see who was on the other cubicle. She then decides that they are destined to be man and wife in the future.

That is basically the story of Choku! and it is full of nosebleeds, crossdressing, cute animal-themed motorcyles, etc.

Art: It’s not much to look at. The art is okay but rather crude although it does fit the comedy aspects of the manga.

Story: In a comedy manga all that matters are the laughs and Choku! delivers. The silly shenanigans and wacky scenes made me laugh a lot. I even re-read it after I finished all the chapters so that I could laugh about the funniest scenes again.

Characters: The characters are all loveable goofballs. It’s really cute how they interact.

Overall: Choku! isn’t for everyone. The art and humor are crude which would be likely to turn off many readers. The story is simple but funny, however those who don’t like vulgar humor will probably not like this manga. It’s a niche manga suitable for those who want to read something unusual. Rating: 8/10 , above average, good laughs but not perfect


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