Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Review

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (just Hearthstone for short) is a multiplayer online trading card game (TCG). I have been playing it for some months and so far I am liking it a lot.

hearthstone heroes of warcraft review

Gameplay consist of:

  • collecting cards through leveling up or solo campaigns
  • building a deck
  • fighting 1vs1 matches with other players, different rules according to the game mode used

There are two types of cards: minions and spells. Each minion has a mana cost, attack and health value. Spells also have a mana cost and their effect varies depending on the spell used. There are also effects that require different conditions to launch. For example of various effects:

Divine Shield – the first time it is attacked, the minion ignores the damage dealt
Taunt – enemy minions have to attack and kill this card first
Deathrattle – does something when that minion dies

hearthstone heroes of warcraft review

Hearthstone is free to play which means that the developer (Blizzard) has to have a way to generate income. This is primarily done by selling card packs and solo campaigns. In short, it is totally pay to win – players who shell out more money can buy more cards, which means they of course have better decks.

Newbies like myself can earn cards through regular gameplay. Daily quests and winning three matches gives gold that can be used to buy card packs.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Review Conclusion

If you don’t mind losing to people who have either been playing a much longer time or have paid more to buy card packs, then Hearthstone should be okay. I personally can still enjoy playing it even though I don’t win very often but this is something that would irritate most people.



  1. This game is great. I agree that newbies will have a tough time against veteran players, unless they sink a lot of money into buying packs. Perhaps that is why they introduced the new standard format? It limits how many expansions are active, giving people the chance to catch up.


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