Combat Continent Review

Combat Continent (aka 斗罗大陆 or Doulou Dalu or Soul Land) is a full color manhua (Chinese graphic novel) that I have been reading. The manhua is currently being published and there are some English translations being done by fans. I have read up to chapter 147.

Combat Continent Review Ratings:

Art: Average (5/10)
Story: Average (5/10)
Characters: Below Average (4/10)

I would say that this manhua is pretty average overall. In short, it’s readable enough but nothing that good. I did read a lot of chapters that were entertaining but they were very short.

Combat Continent Review: Art

The art is actually not bad at all, the manhua is in full color and it is pretty attractive. The combat, skills, and locations are quite cool. The only thing that I didn’t like are the character designs. They are so generic that there is nothing to really talk about. The backgrounds are often nonexistent which I really do not like.

Combat Continent review - art style
Look at this, there is no background! That blue-haired guy is the main character and he looks so generic.

It was better when the main characters were kids because the art style just needed to be cute. The simplistic art is a bit too simple after the MCs became older because I think it looks pretty terrible on adults.

Combat Continent review characters
Not bad! Cute kids.

Combat Continent Review: Story

The story is about Tang San, a man who got kicked out of the Tang Sect for learning secret techniques without permission. It seems that Tang San was an orphan that was adopted by the sect and most of the time the Tang Sect martial arts techniques are reserved for only the best of the sect members. As an outsider Tang San didn’t qualify. To pay for his crime, Tang San committed suicide. Note that this happens within the first page of the manhua so it’s not really a spoiler.

After dying he reincarnates into a new world called the Combat Continent. The thing is, he remembers his past life, including all of the martial arts techniques he learned.

From then it goes through predictable territory where (of course!) the main character learns more and more powerful skills and fights ton of enemies who are more powerful than him. He enters a school and finds 6 people he teams up with.

The story is very fast-paced which I like. Sadly, it’s really predictable but since the plot moves along at train wreck speeds, it’s still quite enjoyable.

Combat Continent Review: Characters

Unfortunately, this is where the manhua is weak. The characters are super predictable. The main character has very strong plot armor and learns new techniques at the drop of a hat. His personality is just the typical shonen manga/manhua hero. You probably know what I mean, he has the whole teamwork, the power of love, protecting loved ones ideals.

Note that the manhua is based on the light novel series of the same name.

Combat Continent Review: Spoilers

This portion of the review contains spoilers.

I think that the combat contest arcs are a bit too much. Almost the entire manhua is focused on the contests and of course they are gonna win. Was there any reader who thought they would lose? They always bring out more and more powerful techniques until the team wins. IMO, this is a big weakness.

Combat Continent Review: Conclusion

If you have nothing better to do then reading Combat Continent is worth it since it has a lot of chapters published and the story is proceeds at a very fast pace. But don’t expect too much, the characters and plot are just the typical shonen manga type.

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