The Legend of the Sun Knight Review

The Legend of the Sun Knight is a light novel series by Yu Wo. A manhua (graphic novel/Chinese comic book adaptation) has also been released.

The Legend of the Sun Knight Review – Light Novels

The original light novels are in Chinese which I cannot read so I instead read the English translations by Prince Revolution. The list of translated light novel chapters can be found here – The main light novel series is already complete at eight volumes.

Judgment Knight
The Judgment Knight: a triple-awesome guy with awesome strength, an awesome personality, and an awesome figure.

My normal reaction when reading The Legend of the Sun Knight:

  • OMG so funny!
  • *swoons*
  • I wish Sun Knight was on my side.
  • Ahahaha, revenge time!
  • He is such a sweetie. (Ice and Leaf Knights, mostly)

It’s really hard to review this series because it’s comedy. That’s kind of hard to describe without spoiling the humor. Nonetheless, I will do my best.

The story is told through Sun Knight’s first person point of view. The setting is that in their world, the gods gain power through belief. Since it would be troublesome if the gods did things directly, they normally don’t appear, instead the gods have representatives that act in their behalf in the human realm.

The Legend of the Sun Knight review
The Sun Knight: a triple terrible guy with terrible strength, a terrible personality, and a figure that’s not worth looking at, but still my favorite character.

The God of Light’s chosen representatives are the Twelve Holy Knights, with the Sun Knight as their head. The Sun Knight represents the God of Light’s benevolence. Everyone in the continent knows that the Sun Knight always has golden hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a bright smile. In short, he is the type who is gentle and has a sunny personality.

That is “what everyone knows” but that is only the Sun Knight’s public face that he has to uphold for the sake of his image. The truth is that Sun Knight is (according to his enemies) a shameless, despicable person.

Most of the humor in the series springs from the Sun Knight’s dilemma: how can he be the perfect Sun Knight while still secretly going about the business of protecting his holy knights and getting revenge on the people who mess with them?

Likewise, the other knights also have a persona that “everyone knows” about. The Storm Knight, for example, is a carefree playboy, always winking at every woman he sees. He represents freedom and can’t be tied down. A person like that, if there is a meeting that he can skip, he will skip it because that is what he is like. On the other hand, if think about it, when a person skips the meetings all the time, won’t the other knights always assign all of the most tedious and annoying work to him? This means that while on the surface Storm is a footloose charmer, the truth is that most of the time he is a workaholic who is practically chained to his desk 24/7, doing the work of 12 people.

The Legend of the Sun Knight is hilarious!

Sun is a guile hero who always gets his way. He practically never fights but if anyone gets on his bad side then that person won’t even know what hit him. The story never fails to delight me with its cunning main character and colorful side characters.

The Legend of the Sun Knight Review – Conclusion

I recommend this light novel series and manhua to everyone who enjoys comedy in a fantasy setting. Rating: 10/10, it’s truly a masterpiece.

Daily Prompt: Contrast

Today’s daily writing prompt is what inspired me to write this review. You see, The Legend of the Sun Knight’s humor is focused on contrasts, primarily the contrast between what is expected (or what you see on the surface) and the true nature of things.


Sun Knight is the spokesman of the God of Light but really… shhh we can’t say because its a huge spoiler!



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