Black Haze Review

Black Haze

Black Haze Review

Black Haze is a Korean webcomic by Yong Yong.


The story of the webcomic is pretty epic. At the moment there are more than 150 scanlated chapters and it looks like things are heating up further instead of drawing to a close.

The story so far: in the beginning a king opened a door to another world. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. You see, the door that was opened led to the world of the demons. Demons started pouring into the human world. The once peaceful world was thrown into chaos and dyed red with blood.

Was it God’s intervention that people acquired special power when a “mark” appeared on their bodies? These special people became known as magicians and saved the world from the demons. Peace was restored.

That is the history of the world of Black Haze. In the present day, the Black Magician is a celebrity adored by many because of his actions a few years ago when he saved a band of humans from a bunch of demons. However, unknown to many, the Black Magician is a 15-year-old boy named Rood. The Black Magician works for clients doing various odd jobs such as bodyguarding, acquiring hard-to-get autographs, and even…

take his pants off

… fulfilling a client’s desire for revenge by removing a guy’s pants in public.


Black Haze is extremely funny. Every early chapter made me laugh a lot. Things do get a bit more serious later on but there are always funny moments.


Black Haze is a long-running webcomic so, since the story has advanced that far, there are loads and loads of characters. The best thing about it is that every character has his or her own unique look. I never get confused about which person is which. This is done through a lot of variation in hair and eye color, clothes, and other features. Characters also tend to use other people’s names a lot. 😀

The main character, Rood, is one of my favorites. He is a sensible person who is quite flexible in his thinking. He can be friendly, threatening, helpful, dangerous, manipulative, kind, and has a whole range of emotions and thoughts, unlike many one-note main characters.

The other characters are also very interesting and unique.


Sadly, the artwork of Black Haze is just mediocre. The early chapters, in particular, are not very good. The artist has improved since then but even so, the art is just average.

Black Haze Review: Rating

I give this webcomic 5 stars (out of five) because it has an awesome main character and great story. I recommend this manhwa.

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  1. I remember picking this series up 2-3 years ago after my brother had recommended Noblessse to me. At the time, I was rather impressed with manhua. I still am, don’t get me wrong. I just ended up falling behind on both series due to real life duties. I believe I was on the part where a terrible teacher teleported everyone to a demon realm for some ritual.

    When it comes to action series, I have to say that one of my favorite parts is when the main character exceeds the enemy grunts’ expectations. Black Haze does plenty of that, which makes me happy. At any rate, I’m going to try to make room and pick this up again.

    Thanks for sharing your insight concerning this series!

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    • If you pick it up again, I think you will like *most* of the new arcs. Some people did complain about the flashback story which took like 3 months in real time but since that particular story arc is finished now you won’t have to wait.


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