Seiyuu Ka! Review

OMG! Why does this manga title have a “!” at the end! Why! Please excuse the excessive use of exclamation marks!

Seiyuu Ka! Review

When I was rereading Penguin Revolution yesterday I saw a comment that said that Penguin Revolution reminded them of Seiyuu Ka!, aka Voice Over! Seiyu Academy. Now, I love Penguin Revolution so I was looking for something similar. However, I am not that interested in seiyuu stuff. In case you are not familiar with the term, “seiyuu” is a Japanese word that means voice actor. I am glad I decided to check out Seiyuu Ka! even though it’s not really like Penguin Revolution at all. It’s funny!

Seiyuu Ka! is a manga about a struggling voice actor, Kino Hime, who is attending a famous high school with a special curriculum for aspiring voice actors. Hime is pretty cute and hardworking but the problem is that her voice is horrible! Instead of sounding like the cute young girl she is, Hime sounds like a middle-aged man with a hoarse, scary voice.

seiyuu ka
Hime speaking. The shadow of that old man behind her is what she sounds like.

The manga is pretty funny, with a cast of over-the-top crazy characters like the tsundere Kudou Senri… wait no, he is not a tsundere, he is an extreme tsundere. There is also Haruyama Mizuko, a gentle-seeming glasses-wearing handsome idol who can be violent when he gets mad. Hime also has a “gang of four” friends, a moe enthusiast and the three other people who are at the bottom of the class:

  • Tsukino, a timid, soft-voice girl who comes from a family of witches and has a voodoo doll she casts curses on
  • Shou, a delinquent who wants to be a seiyuu despite that fact that he can’t read kanji
  • Mitchi, a guy who looks like a prince but has a hobby of collecting magical girl figurines and looking up their skirts
  • and lastly, Ume, an artist/animator who is relatively normal compared to the others except for being a a big fan of “moe”
male tsundere
This guy is the rarely seen extreme male tsundere character.

The story isn’t much, it’s mostly just Hime going on seiyuu jobs and working hard but the ridiculous cast of characters make for a very funny read. Seiyuu Ka! is already complete at 70 chapters. I recommend it if you like comedy mangas.


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  1. I have always wanted to read manga! I started anime a while ago and completely fell in love! Please check out my take on the prompt.

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