Don’t Starve Review

Why, oh why did I even buy the Don’t Starve game? I don’t even watch horror movies because they are too scary for me. I hate things that are too gory. Yet, for some reason that I can’t remember right now, I bought a copy of Don’t Starve, an indie survival horror PC game.

*sobs quietly*

don't starve

In this game your character, Wilson, wakes up in a dark world with nothing on him but his clothes and a beard. Ugh. The challenge is to keep Wilson fed, warm, and sane. It is not an easy task since the night is dark and full of terrors. *cries quietly in a corner*

The graphics are “cute gothic” like from a Tim Burton movie. I’m pretty sure this was one of the reasons why I bought the game. I love that sort of aesthetic. Sadly, I underestimated how scary and tough the game is.

If Wilson doesn’t eat enough, he dies of starvation (fair enough).

If Wilson can’t keep a fire lit all throughout the night, he dies when monsters come to kill him.

If Wilson sees monsters, eats bad food, stays out during the rain, uses scary items, or is alone in the dark (he is always alone), his mental health deteriorates and he starts hearing voices of shadows that aren’t there. Eventually, if his sanity is too low, the shadow creatures come alive and kill him.

By the way, death is permanent.

When I started playing I thought it would be fun but it wasn’t fun at all. The difficulty level was way too much for me. It was only when I downloaded a mod that allowed me to spawn any item that I was able to play for long enough to have fun. In short, I cheated because I couldn’t handle survival mode. 😀

With unlimited items on hand, I still died. Surviving the whole map when there are super strong creatures or tons of monsters around is still extremely hard. I found that the only way for me to survive for a long time is to just set up camp in one place and then stay there. Of course, I do survive that way but it’s pretty boring!

Don’t Starve Review

This is game purely for those who love hardcore survival game and enjoy dying. It seems I am not one of those people. But if you do love a challenge, then you can try out this game. It is well-made and the graphics are awesome.

Daily post writing prompt: Purpose

I play games to have fun, that is my purpose. If I am not having fun I have to stop playing or I cheat. 🙂 It’s normal for me to cheat in games because it’s more fun that way.


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