Rokka No Yuusha Anime Review

I have been watching anime since I was a child so with three decades worth of anime watching experience, I feel that I can review anime as a fan.

Rokka No Yuusha Anime Review (Theories Ending Spoilers and Speculation)

rokka no yuusha anime

I am always on the lookout for some great new anime series to watch and based on this Reddit thread, Rokka No Yuusha (Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers) seemed interesting.

The story so far is that the demon lord periodically wakes up and causes havoc. When this happens six people are chosen by the Goddess of Fate to band together and seal the demon lord again. When the six braves are chosen, a magical tattoo appears on their bodies. Adlet, the main character, is the self-proclaimed “strongest man in the world” who wants to become one of the braves.

This time, however SEVEN tattooed braves appear. As the seven people are locked inside a magical barrier, they realize that one of them has to be a fake.

The first few episodes were excellent because it had good animation, likeable characters, an intriguing mystery, and fast-paced action.

Sadly, around episode 10 I feel that the anime lost its momentum and became much slower.

Overall, I would give this a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It’s fun but not the best anime I have ever watched. Also, the mystery is not solved by the end of the first season so there is no real ending at all. This is a big flaw considering that season two might never be aired.

Rokka No Yuusha Anime Review (Theories, Ending Spoilers, and Speculation)

Spoiler Review of Rokka No Yuusha Anime: I have not read the light novels that this series is based on but even so I could already predict who the seventh brave is by the first few episodes.

Fearless prediction: It’s clearly Adlet.

Why so? My evidence:

– dude is clearly the weakest link, why would be be chosen when he has no abilities that could be capable of killing or sealing the demon lord?
– his village was taken over by the demon lord, supposedly he escaped…. or did he???
– I was immediately suspicious when his tattoo appeared because it looked like a demon lord attack, not a divine blessing

Furthermore I am in fact quite notorious in my family for always being able to guess the endings of TV shows, especially mysteries. This is because as I writer I chose the “culprit” through insights on the narrative, not necessarily through in-show evidence.

I mean, instead of looking at the so-called clues, I look at the drama aspect of the story. Which character, if revealed, would be the least expected and would cause the most drama for the plot?

In the case of Rokka No Yuusha, it’s Adlet.

From a writer’s viewpoint, there are only three characters that could possibly be the seventh. You see, for there to be a lot of drama (and therefore sustain the emotion/excitement of the anime) it has to be someone that the anime has focused a lot of time one.

The three characters that have been built up so far in the anime are: Adlet (main character), Princess Nashetania, and Fremy. Of those three it’s clearly Adlet, IMO. The other characters are not real suspects to me because we know next to nothing about them. If they were the main antagonist they would have had their backstories shown.

My second suspect would be Nashetania because she is the least suspicious and she also got the tattoo during the “omg its a demon attack” time, same as Adlet. Her being the seventh also means more drama.

Actual ending spoilers: DO NOT READ unless you want big, huge spoilers

Yep, I was right.


Daily post writing prompt: Struggle

Huh, so anime has a lot of the basic “hero struggles to kill the Dark Lord” type of stories and Rokka no Yuusha is no exception. I enjoyed it because of the mystery aspect. Adlet, in particular, is the type shonen anime main character who is desperately trying VERY HARD to better himself.


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