Riders of Icarus – Excited for Open Beta

Riders of Icarus, by Nexon America is due for an open beta on July 6, 2016. The game is sometimes also called Icarus Online on other blogs that I have read. Not sure why. Maybe that was the old name of the game?

Why I am excited about the Riders of Icarus open beta:

The video is interesting although frankly it is lacking as a “gameplay video” since it’s really more of a trailer. Still, not bad at all.

In today’s world a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game has to have a cool hook to get players to play. Some have creatable weapons while others have a license of some sort. Riders of Icarus has mount based flying combat with mythical creatures. In short, the game is the saga of a hero (the player) who likes to ride flying dragons and punch people. Or rain down flaming death from above.

That is right, combat in Riders of Icarus is based around riding on the back of a dragon that flies. This is not that unique as many MMORPGs do offer mount based combat, and dragon mounts are pretty cliché at this point. Each dragon has a unique set of abilities so it is probably a good idea to capture and collect more than a few.

riders of icarus

Riders of Icarus will continue the free to play style of modern gaming. This means there will be micro transactions which a lot of people feel are the bane of modern gaming. I for one don’t mind them… too much. I mean sure there will be people that simply buy their way to the top and then there will be people that work for it. Same old thing, business as usual with free to play games.

It is an age old trope in gaming. Large creatures need to be eradicated in order to advance. Simple. Right? In Riders of Icarus players should not be so quick to attempt to kill that large creature around the bend. Rather, players may want to try and bond with it instead. I wouldn’t suggest trying this in Conan Exiles or anything but here it is cool.

The world of Riders of Icarus is an ever expanding world that is filled with conflict and danger. Just what I want in an MMORPG. There are hundreds of beasts waiting to be captured, trained and domesticated. The boss battles will feature the trademark combo system that is used throughout the game. Players will have to work with others to take down the bosses, and so forth. Basically, same old gameplay but with a shiny new game.

All in all, the graphics look good, game seems decent, and it’s free. Looks like I will be checking it out soon.

Daily writing prompt: Stroll

Do you like exploration in your open-world games? One of the reasons why I like to play MMO games is because I love just strolling around and exploring the map. For me, it is one of the most important things that an MMORPG should have, along with a good combat system and player crafting/trading.


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  1. What I like in MMORPGs are a wide variety of classes. It makes knowing and memorizing what players can do annoying (how else can you know how to win at PvP or what to expect when you party up with others), but it keeps things interesting.

    I haven’t really played a MMORPG since Tera because my laptop can’t really handle it, however. I did rather enjoy Neo Steam, a now dead game whose global relaunch was handled by Nexon, so believe me when I say I’m interested in Riders of Icarus. Would if I could!

    Keep us updated about how you’ve been enjoying the open beta?

    Thanks for sharing!

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