No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished (Heartstrikers Book 3) Review

I just finished reading No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished, book three of the Heartstrikers series by Rachel Aaron. It was pretty good.


No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished (Heartstrikers Book 3) Review


  • entertaining
  • fast-paced
  • interesting characters


  • cliffhanger ending
  • third in a series
  • series shows no sign of ending

No spoilers in this review.

The Heartstrikers series is about a dysfunctional family of dragons who are all quite powerful and crazy. Except, of course, for the main character Julius. That guy is weak and sane. 😛

The cast of characters is colorful and fun, like:

  • the dragon seer Bob who likes to talk to his pigeon
  • the matriarch of the clan, Bethesda, a cunning dragon who has over 100 children
  • Marci, a female mage who has a spirit cat as her familiar
  • the pizza-loving, sword-wielding dragon warrior Justin
  • a dragon politician
  • Raven (can’t say anything because it would be a spoiler)
  • Leviathan
  • and so forth.

The book is a fun beach read. It’s not anything cerebral.

To be honest although the books (this one is the third) are really quite funny, I am starting to get tired of them since it looks like there is no end in sight and the story is getting more and more serious. I mean, is this going to go on for like thirteen books like the Hollows or Southern Vampire series? I am not sure I am up for that!

Although I have reservations about where this series is going, at the moment the story is pretty strong. In the first book all of the major characters were introduced. It was humorous and good. In the second book, things became much more serious, almost dark. In this third book, Julius deals with the aftermath of book two’s events.

In No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished, the nice dragon Julius finds out that it’s all well and good to be nice but the whole world is full of violent dragons who would fight fang and claw to get ahead. Marci also starts to grow as a mage and the stakes are higher as she encounters more and more dangerous spirits.

I read the entire thing in one day since it’s not too long and the story is good. Overall, I can recommend it but you do need to have read the previous two books. I guess I will continue to read the series a little bit more but I don’t know how long I will continue to be interested if it goes on and on and on. . .

I hope the series will have a great run that doesn’t drag on for too long. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a nice ending for all of my favorite characters.

Author website:

Daily writing prompt: Ghost

Marci’s familiar is a cat “ghost” that appeared when an old lady was haunted by the spirits of tons and tons of cats. At first I thought he was the Death of Cats, you know, like the Death of Rats from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. But it turns out that he is much more than that.



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