OMG! I found a super awesome The Legend of the Sun Knight doujin (fan-made comic)

The Legend of the Sun Knight is one of my favorite manhua (Chinese comic) and novel series so I was very pleased to find a doujin (fan-made comic) of it.

Prince Revolution, the same guys that have translated the novel into English, have the scanlated doujin here.

However, it is a doujin of volume 4 so it contains huge spoilers! It’s better to read the manhua/novel first.

storm knight
Storm Knight, he is always winking at the ladies

The doujin has different artwork from the official graphic novel since it was made by a different artist. The image above of the Storm Knight is the official artwork. Also, since the scene depicted in the doujin is pretty serious, there is no humor and everyone is very fierce and serious.

The original Chinese comic can be found here.

I love the doujin since it really shows what the knights are like once the chips are down and they have to *dun dun dun* kill a dragon for reals! That is not a spoiler, btw, since the prologue to the series already mentions that it is the story of the legendary Sun Knight who “dispatched the darkness’ Death Knight back into the abyss and defeated the malevolent Undying Lich. Not to forget that he also slew a dragon, rescued a princess, and destroyed the Great Demon King.”

If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do so right now. Just visit the Prince Revolution website for the novel or just google “Legend of the Sun Knight manga” to start reading the English versions.


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