Bungou Stray Dogs Anime Review

Bungou Stray Dogs (also known as Bungo Stray Dogs; 文豪ストレイドッグス; or Literary Stray Dogs) is a 12 episode anime that has a crazy cast of superpowered private detectives.

This is a non-spoiler review so please enjoy!

this guy
The main character, his hair changes color a lot.

The anime starts off when the guy in the picture above, a hapless teen with no job, no family, and no prospects, reaches the end of his rope. He hasn’t eaten in a few days and he is desperate for money. Since he has now reached rock bottom, he decides that he has nothing to lose by turning to a life of crime.

Resolving to rob the next person who passes by his hideout under a bridge, the MC is shocked to see a body floating face down the river. Though the idea icks him out a bit, this is clearly an opportunity. He grabs the body to see if it has anything of value on it.

Thus starts the anime.

The animation is okay but they tend to re-use animations a lot for flashbacks. The dialogue is also too repetitive at times. However, apart from those flaws the “fun factor” of this anime is through the roof! It’s pure comedy gold. It has a large cast of weird, funny characters.

bungou stray dogs anime
I love their funny faces.

The animation really brings out the crazy. There are a lot of moments like the image above.

In addition to the crazy characters, most of them also have some great powers. I mean, the powers themselves aren’t anything new but the way they are presented is fresh and amusing.

bungou anime
Lots of great action scenes.

For a comedic anime, there are a lot of exciting action scenes. I love it when they use their powers.

The only thing I would say is lacking is that the cases the private detectives solve are all pretty easy. I mean, each case is introduced then solves within 20 minutes. There’s really not much time to make things interesting there but it seems that these episodes are not really whodunits, rather they serve to introduce the viewer to the various characters. Each episode has one or two people who get to show off their powers for the first time. It’s pretty exciting and fun.

bungou stray dogs anime
They were actually hallucinogenic, not poisonous.

Bungou Stray Dogs Anime Review: Conclusion

Watch this if you have free time and are in the mood for a comedy anime. The characters are all funny and interesting. The story is still in its beginning stages as the 12 episodes are just barely enough to make the reader aware of each character’s basic history, personality, and powers. I hope they get more seasons. I look forward to watching more episodes about the hilarious antics of the cast of Bungou Stray Dogs.

Daily writing prompt: Joke

Of course, whether you laugh at something is based on your personal taste. I personally love the jokes in BSD soooo much that I can watch the episodes again and again but that might not be true for you. Why don’t you let me know in the comments what you think about this anime?



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