2.5 Jigen Kareshi (2.5D Boyfriend) Review

2.5 Jigen Kareshi (translation: 2.5D Boyfriend) is a cute and funny manga about an otaku girl, Koino Tsumugi, who is obsessed with an otome character. Her passion for this character, Tokki, is so extreme that she has absolutely no interest in real life boys.

Jigen Kareshi review

One day she has a super cool encounter with a boy who looks exactly like Tokki. Is this magic? Has Tokki magically come to life? Has he crossed the barrier between the 2D and 3D worlds to be with the main character?

Otaku fangirl reactions to reading this series:

  • Tsumugi, she is such a lucky girl!
  • I envy her so much, I want to be her.
  • I wish my favorite character would also come to life and rescue me.
  • What are the chances that you meet your favorite 2D character look-a-like and he falls in love with you? Koino, you’re the luckiest otaku and omg he’s so cute.
  • Kyaaa~~!!!

Spoilers: Nope, it’s not Tokki it’s just a (real) boy who looks like him.

2.5 Jigen Kareshi (2.5D Boyfriend) My Review

My own reaction is the same as the ones listed above. I particularly like chapter 6 that explains what it is like to fall in love with 2D characters (anime, manga, game, book, other “unreal” characters) and 3D (real life) people.

The manga is pretty short but the story is good and the characters are lovable. It’s perfect for manga/anime fans.

A few spoilers:

The funniest thing about it is that the main male character has . . . (spoilers)

. . . a fear of otakus and otaku stuff. Like, if (for example) he sees an anime plush toy, his eyes will turn scary and he will have the reaction like this – “Die!” and destroy it.

Somehow that gag never gets old.

Of course, this means that the otaku main character, Tsumugi, and all of her otaku friends have to hide everything from him. It’s a bit hard because “otaku” in Japan means someone who is completely obsessed with something, in this case she is a otome (girl game/dating sim/visual novel) otaku. It isn’t just that she plays the game a lot, her room is full of merchandise like Tokki toys, posters, books, pillows, bed sheets, bath accessories, and so forth. One character even noticed that the clothes she was wearing one time are all otaku clothes because of the buttons and small details that are printed with the game’s mascot character.

I think I probably don’t need to say it but rest assured that there is a happy ending.

Daily Writing Prompt: Perfection

You know what? I’m gonna make a bold statement here and say that “I would not change a single thing about this manga because it’s perfection.” It really is!


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