Yuri on Ice – A Men’s Figure Skating Anime

I generally don’t like boys love (BL) anime because a lot of them are just full of annoying, unrealistic, and silly gay stereotypes but Yuri on Ice (YOI) is an exception. I wasn’t going to watch this but Tumblr was full of this anime so I decided to at least give it a look.

I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that YOI is a very heartwarming and fun anime.

yuri on ice

The first scene was of Yuri, the title character and a fictional figure skater from Japan, badly bombing in the Grand Prix competition and placing dead last. Ouch! Poor guy. His dog just died, he fell on his jumps, scored lowest, and as he is crying in the toilet another figure skater tells him he should just quit.

Ooooh? “An interesting beginning” is what I thought. Yuri then goes home and is greeted by supportive friends and family. To cheer himself up Yuri decides to do something fun. He goes to the local skating rink and practices the routine of figure skating’s biggest male star, Victor Nikiforov. Yuri’s routine isn’t as polished as Victor’s but a friend secretly films it and uploads it on Youtube.

The copycat video becomes viral and catches the attention of Victor himself.

The rest of the story is all about Yuri’s struggle to win the next Grand Prix.

figure skating anime

The art and animation are superb. The story is compelling. The characters are very interesting, especially the leads.

One thing I do have to mention is the amount of BL content. It’s HUGE! Yuri on Ice is super, super gay. Each time I think that it’s as gay as an anime can possibly be (without going R-rated), it ups the ante and become even gayer than before. I am honestly baffled at how much BL ship teasing this anime can have without any characters actually coming out of the closet.

My rating: (as of episode 6) 8/10 – above average, not quite a masterpiece but excellent and better than most anime out there



  1. Nearly every blog that I follow that has post about Anime, keeps saying how great this show is. I usually watch shows after they are completed (so I can bingewatch them lol), but am getting curious about it. It is definitely not a show I usually watch, but because of the hype, I might be tempted to at least watch one episode, just to see if it is worth it. Great post 😀

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    • I wasn’t going to watch it either but it’s surprisingly funny. The animation of the skating routines is simply spectacular! Imagine animating that, with every part of the body moving in a different way and also moving across the ice, to the sound of classical music.

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  2. (Coming from a straight male myself), the plot actually seems pretty interesting. I might watch it (unless it becomes pretty cliche and stereotyped, as you’ve said before). Hopefully no ones behind my back as I watch this (I presume yaoi) anime (and hopefully they don’t get the wrong idea either about me, lol).

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