Black Mirror Nosedive (Season 3 Episode 1) Review

Black Mirror’s first episode of season 3 is titled “Nosedive” and it’s a good place to start watching. In case you are not familiar with the Black Mirror television series (as I was not when I started watching), it’s a horror/ science fiction series composed of standalone episodes. In short, there is no need to begin at the beginning of season one. You can just dive in whenever you want with whichever episode catches your fancy.

Nosedive is set in a world where your social clout is one of the primary currencies. This is represented by a score from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). The people who are “high fours” (around 5.5 or higher) are the elite.

It works in a very simplistic way: people just go around rating other people after every interaction. Like, when you enter an elevator and an acquaintance is there, you two can engage in small talk (or mutual flattery) then rate each other based on how much you like that social interaction.

I can’t say more than that since it would be a spoiler.

Black Mirror Nosedive review
In Black Mirror’s Nosedive episode, every person has a rating that everyone can see.

Black Mirror Nosedive (Season 3 Episode 1) Review: My rating is 5/5 stars

I must say that this episode seems both very real yet very fake at the same time. Real, in the sense that people right now are using a rating and review system for products, places, and services online. Fake, in the sense that I don’t quite buy the way that ratings function in the episode.

However, “Nosedive” isn’t really meant to be realistic. It’s meant to entertain or make us think.

I loved the cinematography, the way they made everything look cool, clean, and pastel was great and really fit the tone of the story. The actors were all on point. The story, though it was over the top, was interesting enough that I stayed glued to the screen for the entire time.

Great ending, too.


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