The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love – Cool New Obsession

I have a cool new obsession – translated Japanese and Chinese light novels and web fiction. It all started when I was browsing the internet and found Novel Updates. That website has a forum and, most importantly, a directory of translated Asian novels! It’s all free, of course.

It’s really awesome. The novels are translated by fans or by the publisher. Here’s a list of the top three most popular novels:

Martial World
Warlock of the Magus World
Everyone Else is a Returnee

The first two are Chinese martial arts fantasy novels with a setting similar to ancient China but with lots of supernatural action. The third is a Korean science fiction novel set in the future and with a lot of epic story elements like monsters, angels, parallel worlds, etc.

However, my latest addiction is not any of those but a newly translated novel – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love. The novel is a fast-paced romance that’s very meta. It features a reader and his partner is the protagonist of the novel he has been reading. The reader gets transported into the world of the novel, with funny, cute, and action-packed consequences.

Reader and Protagonist is really frickin’ hilarious and one of the early chapters features a kiss between the main character and a skeleton!

reader and protagonist must be in true love
Kissing a skeleton

How can you not love a story after seeing/reading that? I nearly died of laughter so many times when I was reading this that I now have no energy left! Anyway, I highly recommend this for all people who love fantasy fiction.

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