Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

every day“Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me” is a Chinese webnovel by Qing Duan. The English translation is by BC Novels.

The genre of the novel is Xianxia … but BL (boy’s love). It’s pretty hilarious!

The story: Chu Yu is a guy who loves to read web novels. There’s one in particular that he likes but the latest chapter had infuriated him – the name of the idiotic cannon fodder villain is the same as his! Why does he care so much? I honestly don’t know, but his reaction is funny.

Well, some weirdly powerful but capricious power must also have found it as funny as I did because, the next thing Chu Yu knows, he is in a black space with only the “007 System” for company. The System informs him that he will be transported into the body of his namesake, the cannon fodder villain.

You see, the “Chu Yu” of the novel is the most senior disciple of his sect. The protagonist of the story, Xie Xi, is one of the younger disciples who is under his care. In the story, “Chu Yu” bullies and abuses Xie Xi until the latter gets his revenge by slicing him into a thousand pieces.

The modern day Chu Yu is sent into the novel with three main goals:

  1. get good reviews for the novel
  2. rehabilitate the protagonist so that he becomes a proper, strong, domineering, harem master
  3. stay alive and live the good life

The only problem is… well, I already mentioned that the story is BL. I think you can guess that all of the beautiful women will be sighing in vain for Xie Xi. *points to the title of the story*

You see, every day the protagonist (Xie Xi) wants to capture Chu Yu. “Capture” meaning to *cough* um, make him his partner in bed and then marry him.

Every day the protagonist wants to capture me (English translation)

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