Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review

Crazy Rich Asians is a fun romp through the wealthier parts of Singapore, though some parts were filmed in Malaysia and most actors are not Singaporean. 🙂

crazy rich asians

To be honest, it’s really hard for me to be critical of this film since I’m kinda pleased with for other reasons than just the quality of the film. I have, of course, read the books (Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan). Since the day it was announced, I was always planning to watch it because it’s that rare unicorn: A Hollywood film with Asian main characters.

I believe that it’s important to support good quality films that represent the Asian perspective.

Quite apart from that consideration, the fact that I read and loved the books played a major part in why I loved the film. Years ago I tried to get my mother to read the books but she wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until her Facebook feed was full Crazy Rich Asians that she remembered me raving about the books. Now my books are on permanent loan to her!

Okay, back to the film:

  •  Gemma Chan was so perfect as Astrid
  •  I think Constance Wu did okay but her role as Rachel has always been one of the most boring parts of the books
  •  Henry Golding in his first acting role was also good but, again, his character is the worst, simply the worst. Nick Young is your basic “Marty Stu” character who has everything and everything always goes the way he wants it to… but that’s really not even the why he’s the worst. He’s the worst because he’s deadly boring. He’s rich. That’s his defining characteristic and nothing else.
  •  Michelle Yeoh was great!
  •  All in all, I laughed at the funny parts and drooled over the crazy rich parts.
  •  10/10, I would watch it again!

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