Yu Ling Shi aka Spirit Ranger Comic

Yu Ling Shi (驭灵师), also known as Spirit Ranger, is a hilarious Chinese comic (manhua) about a comic artist who transmigrated into his own comic. He becomes a minor sidekick character but, since he knows everything about that world, goes ahead and grabs all the best items to become the strongest in that world.

yu ling shi

It’s a comedy action comic, as far as I can tell right now since it’s still ongoing. The main character is very smart and funny while the minor characters are also funny but more of 2D characters who are kind of like caricatures… because the main character is a pretty bad comic artist/author. It’s all his fault for writing such cliché characters!

Despite that flaw, I still read it since it makes me laugh. IMO, for a comedy, all it had to do is to make people laugh.

manhuaThe art is pretty basic but it’s colored. The story is the good part of the

Where to read it – webcomicsapp.com page

Mangaupdates link

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