Amazon Gift Card Giveaway ($150)

Hello everyone, how have you been? This February I have something special for all my readers. It’s time for another great giveaway and I’m sure you will all enjoy this one since the prize is a $150 Amazon gift card. Remember to use your real email when you enter since the winner will be notified by email.

In case you were wondering why there is a giveaway, it’s simply for fun and because the hosts want a little bit more exposure on social media. Therefore the entries are stuff like following one of hosts on twitter, leaving a comment on their blog, visiting their website, and so forth.

Thanks for participating and if you win, do leave a comment.

We’re giving away a $150 AMAZON Gift Card!

AMAZON $150 Giveaway Event

AMAZON $150 Giveaway Event

Co-Hosts of the AMAZON $150 Giveaway Event are; | |Miki’s Hope | TheSugarFreeDiva | DinedandDashed | Mel from FreebiesCodesCouponsAndDeals| PlusSizePosh| Becky Hanes | | Cha Ching Queen

What would you do with $150 to Amazon?

Enter the giveaway here!

Open anywhere that you can buy items from!

Beginning Date: 2/04 Closing Date: 3/04/2017. It is open WORLD WIDE

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This site or any other site associated with this event has in no way been compensated for the preceding information. This giveaway is valid where allowed by law, open to anyone who is able to shop at and who is over 18 years of age. One winner will be randomly selected on 03/04/17, notified via email, and will have until 03/06/17 to reply. If there is no reply another winner will be randomly selected.

Daily Writing Prompt: Scent

When it comes to bottled scents, I am an addict. This is despite the fact that I am asthmatic and happen to be allergic to many scents. Right now I own the following scents (and use all of them):

Pink Sugar by Aquolina
Pure Vanilla by Lavanilla
Flower by Kenzo
Especially Escada Delicate Notes by Escada
Vanilla Fields by Coty
Rockin Rio by Escada

I generally go for either fruity or vanilla scents. Flower scents are also fine but I don’t like most musky scents. I prefer to use sprays but rollerballs are also nice. I used to have a solid perfume stick (by Tony Moly) but I haven’t used it in months since I feel like the scent has most disappeared.

I feel like it’s one of the most pleasurable things in the world to envelop myself in a nice scent.


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